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 Serving San Francisco and San Mateo Counties   

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Eliminates Traffic Crashes
The Defensive Driving package created with experienced drivers in mind.
It has been used by safety conscious individuals and organizations
since 1990.
Three of its most effective programs are the...

Eliminate Trunk Crashes - Backing accidents are #1 problem for fleet managers.
Eliminate Trauma Crashes - Rear-enders & broadside crashes = injuries & lost time.
Eliminate Tragic Crashes - Cause of High dollar losses, crippling injuries and lives lost.

Defensive Driving For New and Experienced Drivers...the  


    This is the easiest Defensive Driving formula to learn, remember, and use. It's easy to learn because there are only three steps and they all deal with multiples of three. Like every other facet of The ETC Club, it was conceived by Dr. Ron McNees, while drawing upon his vast experience related to the teaching of over half a million students during an on-going career that began in 1966.
STEP 1.  Scan three times further ahead than what the "average" driver does.

STEP 2.  Keep a Following Distance of three times greater than the average.

STEP 3.  Check the rear three times more often than the average driver does.

And the...


The finishing touch which turns the Triangle of Safety into the Crown Jewel of Defensive Driving programs!

(Versus The Way Most Motorists Think)

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