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The problem with Caveman steering is rollover accidents, especially with SUV's and pickup trucks, resulting in approximately 2000 fatalities per year.  It is imperative that drivers do not over-steer vehicles in general, especially trucks that have a higher center of gravity. The reason Caveman Steering is so common is because driving speeds are stressful and when the brain perceives a higher degree of difficulty connected to a given turn, it often chooses more turning speed as the solution; shooting the stress level even higher.  This in turn causes a "hold on" action, that prompts a "leveraging" action of rolling the wrist, in order to get a stronger grip of the steering wheel.  

This is also why I do not support low-level hand positions like 8 & 4, because it is a fact that the lower your hands, the faster you will turn the steering wheel, resulting in a greater potential to lose control of the vehicle.

Startling statistics about the dangers of Caveman Steering came to light in 2000 because of a Congressional investigation of rollover accidents that they believed were mostly caused by defective tires.  More than 12,000 people had died and Congress wanted to know if the defective tires were the major cause.  They concluded 300 had died because of the defective tires, but the three times greater number of 9,000 deaths, was mostly attributed to driver error.  

 is a really BIG driving error!

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