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49er Driving School

Mailing Address: 1851 Earl Ave, San Bruno, 94066

(650) 400-9801






 Thee DOS


THE BEST PROGRAM EVER!  Why? Because it's the only program that was designed to quickly change one's walking-speed mentality (WSM) to safely cope with everyday driving speeds. Consider this: the average walking-speed is 3.5 miles per hour but routine driving tasks are performed at speeds which are seven to ten times faster; and freeway driving is twenty times faster. Yet, our thought processes were formulated by WSM (includes running, skate boarding and bicycling).


Because of this we often look too long at a situation before recognizing it as a problem, or analyze it to "death" before reacting to it. This is one of the reasons why it takes longer to learn to drive than most people think...precisely because they think too long before seeking a quick solution. A common expression related to such behavior is they are "too slow in pulling the trigger!" What we're talking about here is the great unknown region of perception time. It's unknown because it varies too much from person to person to find a mean average, but people can be taught to minimize it through the DOS program.


Without DOS training however, why would we expect them to act any differently? Consider this, few of us know how many feet we are traveling per second, at any speed, because that's not how we learned to control our motion activities. Instead, every activity is a reaction to our movements as we learn to react faster because we're moving faster. Day by day as we grow through childhood, we experience multiple "walking-speed" events and develop strategies to compensate. This is "hands on" experience. But new drivers have little or no "HO" experience at speeds above 15 mph, how could they? So it takes time to learn - but this also causes a continuation of the same old way of doing things - and that's the real problem. Basically, by the time the students evolve into drivers they are still looking too long at potential problems before making up their minds about what to do, and this causes accidents!


But now, thanks to the DIAMOND OF SAFETY program, it's possible to learn proper visual habits to overcome perceptual uncertainty. Now, you can learn to search and scan the driving environment in a manner that closes the gap between walking-speed and higher driving speeds.



Learning to drive safely is not...it's the cheapest form of insurance against personal injuries from driving mishaps. And the greatest asset in a driver's portfolio is knowing how to reduce the perception time associated with identifying hazards...and anyone can afford this one-time cost for life-time benefits.


BUT YOU CAN ONLY GET IT FROM ME. I created and perfected it, and it's the only course of my three driving programs that I don't let other schools use.


WHY? Because the only way to insure it is taught correctly is to do the training myself. It's kind of like learning to paint from Leonardo da Vinci or Sam Smith, who would you prefer?



If you qualify* it's only $396.00, can you NOT afford it? $396.00 for a one-time personal insurance program taught by the Master, one on one, The real question should be; can you NOT afford it?


  • To qualify for the DOS program, you must be proficient enough in the basic driving skills. If you are a beginner, this usually means the student has taken at least six hours of professional drivers training (preferably from me).
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