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More than 100,000 drivers
successfully taught under the
directorship of Dr. Ron McNees

California law
  requires persons under 18 years of age  to take a six-hour, in-car driving program to qualify for a Drivers License. This is a show and tell program that is extremely limited in scope,with very little defensive driving knowledge. Parents are required to supplement it with a minimum of 50 hours of practice; that's 8 to 9 hours per each hour of instruction. Frankly speaking, parents are hard pressed to provide the time.  Only about 40% of students get this much; most receive thirty hours or less. At any rate, the lessons can only be taken after the student has obtained a Learner's Permit from the DMV.  This provisional permit is not valid (cannot drive with parents) until the student has started the behind-the-wheel training with Dr. Ron* or has reached age 17 1/2.

ENROLL NOW & SAVE $44.00! ($444 vs $488*)

Adding the SIM Program & Triangle of Safety will give them invaluable Defensive Driving training for protection from the ever increasing cadre of bad drivers. Couple this to the  Diamond of Safety Defensive Driving program and get everything for $999.00. That's  a savings of $251.00!

*Or some other State Licensed Instructor
* Regular rates of $81.33 per hour.

More than 100,000 drivers
successfully taught under the
directorship of Dr. Ron McNees

Email: drive49er@gmail.com

3450 Geary Boulevard #108
San Francisco, CA 94118
Mailing address
2225 Crestmoor Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066-2740

(650) 400-9801

For safety's sake, ask Dr. Ron about...
the DOS program


The BEST DEFENSIVE DRIVING PROGRAM EVER. Because it's the only one designed to quickly change  "walking-speed mentality" (WSM), thus training students to safety cope with everyday driving speeds.  Consider this: The average walking-speed is 3.5 miles per hour and routine driving tasks must be performed seven to ten times faster.  Add freeway driving and it's twenty times quicker!

So here's the good news: the
Diamond of Safety makes it possible to overcome "WSM" faster,at least 50% faster than any other known program!
It retails for $396.00,
but it's only $222.00
when it's coupled with the 6-hour program
and the Triangle of Safety!
  See the full story: DOS

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