49er Driving School 

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                                49er Driving School                                    
         Not affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers - the National Football League (NFL) or NFL Properties (NFLP)

Dear Future Student,

To enroll, please send an email to:

In the Subject block, put your/their legal name, and if we made an appointment date, include the month, day, and starting time. 

                                         Example: John David Doe  3/21 @ 1:00.

If there is no appointment scheduled, give us two possible dates and times, with a "P" in front of the first one which MUST be at least one week in advance, and the second approximately two weeks ahead. 

                               Example: John David Doe  P3/28 @ 3:30, 4/4 @ 1:00

In the Message block, start with:
    The student's address, cell phone number and birthdate.  

    Their Learners Permit number and the date issued and when it expires. 

    Parent's names and cell phone numbers, starting with yours (parent writing the email).

           Sending this email confirms you understand the following information:

1.   I am the parent of a teenager and have read page two of their learners permit and know it is not valid yet. I understand they CANNOT practice driving, even in a parking lot, until it is signed by a State Licensed Driving Instructor.

2. I realize that the 6 hour program is basic training and although it provides a brief introduction to freeway driving, it doesn't include the defensive driving programs listed on your website. I understand I will receive additional discounts if I choose to purchase either the "Triangle of Safety" or "Diamond of Safety" courses listed on your RATES page.  

3.  I understand that my teenager must complete fifty (50) hours of practice to reinforce the minumum six hour Professional driver training course that you provide.  This practice is detailed in the DMV Parent Teen Driver Training Handbook, a copy of which I now have, or will obtain from the DMV before the practicing begins.  Note: It is available on the DMV website but it is broken into 8 different web addresses.  Here is the one on Driving Skills to help you get started. I recommend you pick up a copy at the DMV as soon as possible.  





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