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More than 100,000 drivers
successfully taught under
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Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron McNees

Friend to the Senior Driver

I'm sure you have heard this expression:
It takes one to know one!

And, on my way to becoming one, I've probably taught more seniors to drive than "Carter has little liver pills."

So call me up and quote either expression and I'll give you an additional 5% discount!


Thousands of Senior California Drivers have their licenses suspended or revoked
every year...in most cases it doesn't have to end this way!

WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? Police Officers, Doctors, family members, and once in
awhile, DMV personnel, request a 'Competency' Hearing to re-evaluate senior
drivers who may no longer be able to drive safely. This situation might be due
to health concerns or aging, but the underlying factor is a suspicion that the
licensee is a poor driver.

WHY IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN? Most drivers regardless of aging and health
problems, can adjust their skills and knowledge of driving to an acceptable
level, before they run afoul of the DMV! If, however, they have already suffered
the consequences, I can usually get them re-instated for a fraction of what many
Attorneys charge.


EXPERIENCE! I don't believe there is anyone in California, be they Driving
Educators or Attorneys, with more experience in such matters. Furthermore, if
you go down the Attorney road first, it will cost as much as $5,000.00 and you
will most probably have to hire a Driving Instructor anyway. You see, Attorneys
can only advise you and argue your case to the DMV, but they can't teach you how
to pass the DMV driving test.

And this test is, by-the-way, the most comprehensive one they give to Class C
drivers (autos, vans, pickup trucks). The majority of people who fail it are
victims of their own habits, habits that usually cannot be broken unless you are
working with an excellent instructor.


COMPREHENSIVE DRIVING EVALUATION: $200.00.* This will detect any habitual problems that could result in a DMV drive test failure.

PROFESSIONAL PRE-LICENSE ACTION: $555.00*($133.00 savings). It includes: The Comprehensive Driving Evaluation, the SURVIVAL INSTRUCTION MODE (SIM) program, and the TRIANGLE OF SAFETY Defensive Driving Program, a total of 7 1/2 hours of behind-the-wheel driving evaluation and instruction to correct your problematic driving habits.

EXPERT POST-LICENSE ACTION: $1,101.00* (a savings of $399.00!). Includes: Getting reconsideration for re-instatement (a second chance in other words). This is the extent of what most Attorneys can do for you, but I can do more; starting with a comprehensive driving evaluation and all necessary aids to correct your bad driving habits. It includes 15 hours of in-car training, including the (SIM) SURVIVAL INSTRUCTION MODE, the TRIANGLE OF SAFETY and DIAMOND of SAFETY Defensive Driving programs.

This is the finest remedial driver instruction program and it is most likely
  *A travel fee is charged at the rate of $9.00 per quarter-hour (or fraction
thereof), when the average driving time to your pickup location exceeds 30
minutes from San Francisco International Airport.

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