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Speeding and Relativity


Einstein's Theory of Relativity explains why humans are out of their element when the speedometer hits 40 MPH.  As a car's speed doubles, the energy potential increases four times. So if it is crashed into a brick wall at 40 mph, the damage is four times greater than if the speed was 20 mph. This isn't new information, but recently some data was released by Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia, bringing it back into the spotlight. 

Up to about 37 mph, the average reaction time of most drivers is proper for the speed.  With a 3.1 mph increase however, the relativity of stopping distance to reaction time is disproportional enough to double the number of casualty-causing car crashes!  And it doesn't stop there; instead, it continues to double with each 3.1 mph increase. When 65 mph is reached, the casualty rate is a staggering 500 times greater than at 37 mph!! But ... you haven't heard anything yet.

For all of us who think little of driving 70 mph whenever possible,  the increase in death and injury accidents is an unbelievable 2,000 times !!!
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